Headache Therapy Riverhead NY

If you suffer with frequent headaches that have remained undiagnosed, you may have an underlying TMJ disorder or bite problem. Stress and tension in the jaw as a result of an imbalance in the bite often leads to recurring headaches that may be most noticeable in the morning.

Dr. Sal Lotardo offers TMJ treatment that can alleviate your pain while restoring a healthier smile. Properly identifying the underlying cause of your painful symptoms is the key to a lasting treatment plan for what is often a complex issue. Dr. Lotardo will evaluate all aspects of your oral health, including the function of the jaw joint.

Teeth Grinding & Headaches

In many cases, teeth grinding and/or jaw clenching is creating tension in the jaw which is causing frequent headaches and other related concerns: ear pain, neck stiffness and jaw pain. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, may be the result of daily stress, muscle tension or the symptom of a bite problem. Dr. Lotardo will work with you to identify the lifestyle habits or dental concerns that are causing your teeth grinding. Dental concerns can include malocclusion, damaged teeth and missing teeth, all of which can detrimentally affect the function of the bite.

Treatment for TMJ Headaches

Dr. Lotardo will recommend the most appropriate treatment for your unique oral health needs. The goal of treatment is to relieve headaches and other painful symptoms by restoring your dental health and a natural, functional bite. Treatment options may include:

  • Mouth guard or dental splint: a custom dental appliance such as a mouthguard or splint that is designed to reposition the jaw and prevent teeth grinding
  • Restorative dentistry: this can include the use of dental crowns, tooth bonding or other procedures to adjust the way your teeth make contact and create a healthier bite.
  • Orthodontics: Dr. Lotardo may recommend Invisalign to reposition the teeth and realign the bite.