Dental Fillings Riverhead NY

Dental Fillings An Overview

Dental fillings are a routine dental treatment used to address either tooth decay or minor tooth damage. Dental fillings repair decay and prevent further deterioration or even the risk of tooth loss. Replacing missing teeth should be your last resort, so don’t wait to fill a tooth cavity until the last minute.

Dr. Pop recommends using composite resin, or “white fillings” for a safe, metal free natural looking result. White cosmetic fillings blend seamlessly with your teeth. Patients with metal fillings may choose to have their existing fillings replaced with white fillings.

Our team will evaluate the health of your existing fillings during routine dental visits to ensure their integrity and prevent future decay.

Dental Fillings What to Expect

A tooth filling procedure is a routine treatment and can typically be completed in a single visit to our Roslyn, NY dentist office. A local anesthetic will be used to numb the area and ensure that you are completely comfortable during the procedure.

The affected tooth is treated, filled and sealed. The decayed tissue is removed and Dr. Pop thoroughly cleans the area. Your filling material will be placed and formed to provide a natural looking and comfortable surface for normal chewing and speaking. If you are receiving a composite filling, a special blue light will be used to cure the material. Once complete, the surface of the filling will be polished and any minor adjustments can be made for a natural bite.

A dental filling should last for many years with good oral hygiene and routine dental care.