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Periodontal Therapy An Overview

Gum disease remains a leading cause of tooth loss in adult patients today. In many cases, this could have been easily avoided with routine dental care performed at least twice a year.

At Bella Smiles in Riverhead and Roslyn, Dr. Lotardo looks for the early warning signs of developing gum disease during your preventive care visits, recommending appropriate treatment when necessary. Treating periodontal disease early is the key to limiting progression and restoring your oral health with conservative treatment options.

Keeping your gums healthy is a key component of the preventive dental care program at both of our Long Island dentist office locations- healthy gums support healthy teeth.

There are two stages of gum disease, each of which can have varying degrees of severity as harmful bacteria affect the gums tissue and diminish its ability to support the teeth properly and serve as a barrier to the bloodstream. The connection between poor oral health and an increased risk for a range of diseases has been proven and continues to be studied.

It is also important for patients who have existing health concerns such as diabetes and heart disease to maintain good oral health. Gum disease can exacerbate symptoms and make it harder to manage your health. Dr. Lotardo and Dr. Cupsa work with patients on a personal level, taking the time to understand the unique factors affecting your dental health in order to provide personalized care to keep your smile healthy.

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Periodontal Therapy What to Expect

Dr. Lotardo will screen for the early signs of periodontal disease during your twice yearly visits for routine care. Common signs and symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Receding gums
  • Sensitive gums
  • Changes in the fit of the bite
  • Shifting teeth, loose teeth

Periodontal Therapy: Treatment Options

Dr. Lotardo will assess the stage of your gum disease and recommend treatment designed to address any possible damage and prevent further development. Treatment for gum disease can include:

  • Antibacterial rinses: for mild gum disease or persistent gingivitis, using an at home antibacterial rinse can maintain gum health between visits
  • Scaling and root planning: a thorough cleaning of all tooth surfaces and along the gum line to remove plaque
  • Laser dentistry: the use of dental lasers has made treating gum disease more effective and far less painful. A laser can be used to remove diseased tissue while stimulating healing to restore healthy gums
Dr. Salvatore Lotardo

Why choose Bella Smiles?

Dr. Salvatore Lotardo is a highly experienced and trained dentist who takes pride in the lasting relationships he has built with patients. Our family friendly dentist offices in Riverhead and Roslyn, NY are your local dental home for maintaining, restoring or enhancing your natural smile. Dr. Lotardo and our team of dental professionals provide personalized care for all of your dental health needs and desires.

Bella Smiles offers comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dentistry to address dental concerns that affect the health or aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Lotardo is an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and remains committed to providing the latest treatment options using quality materials and advanced technology.