Root Canal Riverhead NY

Root Canal An Overview

A root canal is an important dental treatment that can save your natural tooth from extraction if it has become severely damaged or infected. Modern advances in both technique and materials have made the root canal procedure less uncomfortable and more effective.

Dr. Lotardo performs root canals at Bella Smiles in Riverhead and Roslyn, NY, often recommending this treatment to keep your natural tooth in place. Losing a tooth can set the stage for more complex dental problems and if replacement is necessary, more extensive and expensive dentistry.

Root Canal What to Expect

Your root canal treatment is typically completed in a single visit to Bella Smiles. Our team will make every effort to ensure your comfort with a local anesthetic.

Dr. Lotardo will make a small hole in the back of your tooth to remove the infected pulp and clean out the interior chamber of the tooth. In many cases, you will feel immediate pain relief once this is complete and the infection is gone.

The final step is to place a biocompatible material in the tooth and seal it to prevent future decay. Dr. Lotardo often recommends that the tooth be strengthened with a dental crown or dental filling. This may be completed at a second visit.

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