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TMJ Treatment An Overview

Headaches, jaw pain and difficulty chewing are all common signs of a temporomandibular disorder or bite problem. Commonly known as TMJ, a bite disorder can compromise the health and function of your smile and often causes painful symptoms that can affect your daily quality of life. Riverhead dentist Dr. Sal Lotardo offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for TMJ related disorders and can give you back a smile that is healthy, functional and comfortable.

Common Causes of TMJ

TMJ disorders develop for many reasons and are often the result of several issues with your jaw and bite. You might clench or grind your teeth, tightening your jaw muscles and stressing your TM Joint. A common reason people clench their jaw is due to stress. Or, you may have a damaged jaw joint due to injury or disease. Crooked teeth can also cause stress on the jaw and result in TMJ.

Common Signs and Symptoms of TMJ

  • Frequent headaches
  • Ear pain or feeling of fullness
  • aw pain or discomfort
  • Difficulty chewing properly
  • Worn or damaged teeth
  • Teeth grinding and jaw clenching

The signs of a TMJ disorder can be different and unique for each patient, making it a challenge for an untrained clinician to reach a diagnosis. TMJ symptoms also often mask themselves or are similar to those of other medical conditions.

Treating a TMJ disorder early and effectively can help to prevent more complex dental problems that can develop if it is left untreated. Dr. Lotardo will work with you to identify the cause of your bite problem and recommend the most suitable treatment.

TMJ Treatment What to Expect

First, Dr. Lotardo will need to identify the cause in order to offer the proper treatment. Then he will address any damage that has occurred as a result of teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common sign of a TMJ disorder and can lead to teeth that are worn, chipped or cracked. Bruxism is mostly caused by stress in your daily life. Dr. Lotardo will look for the signs of bruxism during regular preventive care visits for early intervention and treatment. Excessive or untreated teeth grinding can cause tooth decay and gum disease that can even lead to tooth loss.

Treatment options can include:

  • Mouthguards or dental splint therapy: a custom fit mouthguard is often the conservative treatment option for teeth grinding. A dental split can be helpful to help identify a comfortable and stable bite position for further correction with restorative dentistry.
  • Restorative dental treatments: for patients with tooth damage, restorative dental treatments may be necessary to repair teeth and restore a comfortable bite. These can include dental crowns, dental veneers or tooth bonding.
  • Orthodontics: if crooked and misaligned teeth are the cause of your bite problem, orthodontic treatment may be the solution to restore balance the bite.

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